I’m going to preface this post with a disclaimer that this is a natural hair rant. If you’re cool with that. ..carry on.

I’m so sick and tired of seeing and watching natural women claim to have waist and bra strap length hair.
No,  I’m not hating, and no, I’m not envious,  what I am is confused. Is like whomever or whatever group began this ritual, shot, killed AND maimed.

Let me tell you what my problem is exactly. I, a natural woman, returned natural because I wanted a better quality of hair. I wanted the hair of my early teens back. It was not about having Pocahontas length or following the trend. I did it for me.

Now that natural hair has become trendy, even in the media,  I  see these t shirts that are rulers that allow naturals to track their length retention. To bite Charlamange Tha God, this is a great concept that’s been poorly executed.

Baby,  you do NOT have waist length hair,  if your measuring from YOUR FUCKING NAPE! Of course the hair closet to the top of your neck is going to be the longest. Why not measure the sides, or the top?  Why,  because then you would not have waist length hair. It would be more like shoulder length, or armpit length.

My point is,  I don’t get it. I don’t see how it makes sense to only measure your hair from the nape and then claim that length. I feel like in order to have waist length, mid back,  bra strap,  etc,  ALL the hair needs to fall to that point not just a tiny fraction of the hair.

But you know what,  y’all just go right on ahead and keep claiming these lengths. I see that being natural is not a journey for you of pride and self acceptance but of reaching certain lengths and titles.