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Maybe it’s me, or maybe it isn’t, but I don’t ever want to be identified as A Bad Bitch.

I think way too highly of myself to degrade my own image by referring to myself as any kind of bitch. Not bad, loyal, bottom, ride or die or any other adjective. I don’t care how it’s phrased or who’s phrasing it. My best friend better NEVER call me no kind of bitch and my man will quickly become my ex if he ever fixed his mouth to address me in such a fashion.

I have ZERO respect for girls who proudly proclaim their “bad bitch” status. If you’re walking around calling yourself a bitch, then there should be no offense taken when ANYBODY calls you a bitch. Because…heeeeyyyy *snaps fingers* you’re a bad bitch right?

And please, miss me with the argument that the sting and stigma is lessened because you’re using it so that others can’t use it against you. All you’re really doing is adding to the plight of the black culture.

I’m the first to admit that dating has become one of the hardest things in the world these days. That is, unless you’re under 35 and want a “real nigga.” I love me a black man. My personal preference is redbone with light brown eyes, but I’m an equal opportunity employer when it comes to black men. With that being said, I want a man, not a real nigga.

When a guy approaches me and wants to converse, if anywhere in his spiel he inserts the phrase real nigga, I’m instantly offended. Just to point out, I live in New Orleans so I come across “real niggas” everyday. My first question is always, what the hell is a real nigga? What is the desired criteria and qualifications? Secondly, why would I want a man that refers to himself as a real nigga? What happened to just being a real man? What is this proclamation of nigga-ness that these dudes feel the need to express daily, across varying mediums?

Perhaps bad bitches want real niggas and vice versa. People…rap music is a form of entertainment not necessarily a direct reflection of the culture. Stop the foolishness.

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