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This morning on The Breakfast Club, Damon Dash, former mogul of Roc-A-Fella records stopped by to promote his new movie, but all he did was put his foot in his mouth, but let him tell it, he was dropping knowledge.

In the interview, Dame was EXTREMELY disrespectful not only to the platform of The Breakfast Club, by saying that he doesn’t listen to the show,  for why?  I have a problem with Dame coming on the show, saying that the show doesn’t provide him anything in terms of content but yet he wants to use that same show to promote his new project. I don’t care who approached whom first about doing an interview, the fact is Dame said yes.

He insults Charlamange, by calling him Chatty Patty and saying that real men don’t indulge in gossip and all he does is disseminate the information his boss wants him to.

Though the worst insult, in my opinion, was when said that real men don’t have bosses, they own their own and no man should be proud to say they have a boss. Sounds bad right? Well Mr. Dash took it a step further as DJ Envy challenged that line of thinking. Envy said that he’s working hard for his children, providing for them so that he can open other doors for his children that he didn’t have growing up. Dame told him that he should not be proud that his son sees him working for someone else.

Damon Dash. …please take yo hood movie making, wack ass, dumb sounding ass, hypocritical ass, wanna be deep ass TO THE LEFT! !

You say your son owns a restaurant. Accordingly to your logic, there should be no waiters, washers, or bussers because they shouldn’t have a boss, right?  I mean, seriously, if people just stopped to think about the words that come out of their mouth. Not everyone has an entrepreneurial spirit, nor should some. Do you know how many shall businesses FAIL each year because people want to be their own boss but don’t have the knowledge and ability to run a business?

Damon Dash has single-handedly respected the middle class, the working class, and everybody with a job. So can we include the President since his boss is technically The Senate? Or Mark Zuckerberg since his boss is the Public and share holders?

I really need a Kanye soundbite right now,  “You ain’t got the answers Dame. ”

I ain’t buying a damn thing that Damon Dash does, produces, inspires, creates, partners with. ..nothing. Cause he don’t need people,  we should all be working for ourselves.

In the words of Charlemagne the God, Damon Dash, we need you to shut the fuck up, forever.